Venti Trophy Rally Composite

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The Venti Trophy Rally from Stilo takes over from the hugely popular Trophy DES RALLY helmet. Fitted with a Stilo Trophy intercom headset this version uses the same EPS cheek pad technology found in the WRC helmet range, which provides increased protection in lateral impacts. The shell is constructed from a fibreglass / kevlar composite to produce a light weight and strong helmet which exceeds FIA 8859-2015 and Snell SA2020 requirements for safety.

  • Microphone Holder: Fixed to the interior of the helmet, made from a special flexible pipe that provides maximum stability and allows for precise adjustment.
  • Integrated Plug: The integrated comms plug  is positioned away from the FHR / HANS clips, in order to ease the jack connection to the intercom
  • Adjustable Peak: The peak can be raised and lowered to give the driver clear visibility even when the sun is on the horizon. Optional high optical quality flip up visor available.
  • Earmuffs: Noise attenuating which reduces ambient noise which can be problematic in competition cars. Soft and comfortable, ideal for longer stages. Features integrated speakers.
  • EPS Cheekpads: Fitted both with earmuffs and EPS (expandable polystyrene) cheekpads. The use of EPS cheekpads ensures better protection in case of lateral impacts.

The helmet is fitted with Stilo’s Trophy intercom system which includes: noise attenuating earmuffs which are fitted with speakers, electric noise microphone, fully integrated intercom plug. Not recommended for use in very noisy vehicles. This helmet is supplied without FHR/HANS posts.

FIA 8859-2015 and Snell SA2020 Approved