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Stilo WRC DES 9V Intercom Amplifier

Stilo WRC DES 9V Intercom Amplifier

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The Stilo WRC DES 9v Amplifier has exceptional audio and noise cancelling qualities thanks to an extra filter switch. Power supply is either via a 9v battery* or the vehicles 12v supply using the supplied cable.

The WRC DES 9V is based on the WRC DES Evo and offers many of the same features. Thanks to the Extra filter switch it ensures excellent noise cancelling even in S2000 specification vehicles. Background noises are strongly damped and the driver hears the co-drivers voice at a louder volume.

Radio Connection:
The WRC DES can be connected by wire to the most common car radio systems, ideal for between stages.

Video Camera Connection:
An on board camera can be connected directly to the intercom to record the audio track, setting the internal switch to Camera High or Low according to the volume of each model.