Sparco K-Track Rib Protector (2022)

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The Sparco K-Track is a hybrid rib protector vest which is lightweight and flexible. It has been developed to surpass the latest FIA 8870-2018 homologation which means it offers the driver, the highest levels of safety and protection. The Sparco K-Track has a sternum plate for added protection. The sides have multiple adjustments and a soft stretch inner liner which allows the K-track to conform to the shape of the driver in the seated position for added comfort. The K-Track is available in multiple sizes.

FIA 8870-2018 Homologated

  • 120cm - 60-63cm Chest
  • 130cm - 64-68cm Chest
  • 140cm - 68-71cm Chest
  • 150cm - 72-76cm Chest


  • XXS - 80-84cm Chest
  • XS - 86-89cm Chest
  • S - 94-97cm Chest
  • M - 102-105cm Chest
  • L - 110-113cm Chest