Performance Friction RH665 Dot 4 Racing Brake Fluid

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Unlike other brake fluids, Performance Friction RH665 has been specifically developed for racing applications where high temperatures are achieved within the braking system.

The RH665 fluid offers the versatility of being street legal, conforming to FMVSS 116, allowing cars such as track day cars which are driven to and from the track a 'best of both' scenario. The Performance Friction fluid has the highest GUARANTEED minimum dry boiling point of any DOT 4 brake fluid, not only guarding against vapour locks but also maintaining a solid pedal under tough track conditions.

The fluid provides a reliable, predictable and versatile brake fluid solution. The fluid can be installed with existing DOT 4 brake fluid however is not recommended due to higher dilution from an inferior brake fluid which may affect the fluids excellent effectiveness.

Minimum dry boiling point: 325 degrees C

Typical Dry boiling point: up to 330 degrees C

Sold per 500ml