Davies Craig Digital Water Pump & Fan Controller

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The Davies Craig pump digital controller is the latest generation. It allows you to electronically set the target temperature and it adjusts the rate of flow, hunting for and then locking on to the temperature you set. The actual coolant temperature and other operational information is displayed at all time to keep you informed.

This new generation Pump Controller is also able to switch your electric fan. If engine temperature reaches 3°C higher than your target temperature, the controller will switch on your fan until the tyemperature is reduced again.

To overcome the effects of heat soak, the EWPC2 Controller automatically continues to run the pump after the ignition has been switched off, for a further 2 minutes, or until the temperature reaches below 5 degrees centigrade of the temperature you set.

Allows removal of the engine thermostat as well as removal of the water pump impeller or pump pulley. Comes complete with wiring harness, sensor and housing for sensor (to suit 35 or 40mm I.D. pipe), 2 clips and detailed wiring instructions.