Cobra Imola Pro Fiberglass Seat

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The most cost effective way to take advantage of Cobra’s well earned reputation for safety, the Imola PRO-FIT makes no compromises in delivering technical specification and industry leading protection.  Coupled with Cobra’s new PRO-FIT custom padding system and available in standard and GT (+30mm) widths, the Imola Pro-Fit is available to an even wider range of drivers and remains one of the safest, rigid, comfortable and best value seats in the market. As with all Cobra competition seats the Imola Pro-Fit is fully HANS® compatible.

PRO-FIT™ is a unique padding system designed by Cobra to help accommodate a wider range of fitments within a standard range of seats. The benefits are that the user is more accurately positioned in the seat so that the harness and Hans device work to their full potential, the user is more comfortable and ultimately safety is maximised.

FIA Approved