Alpinestars AK-1 Kart Body Protector FIA 8870-2018

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The Alpinestars AK-1 kart body protector has been designed to exceed the FIA 8870-2018 approval standard so it ensures the highest level of protection to the wearer while being super lightweight and comfortable to wear.

  • FIA 8870-2018 approved meaning maximum protection for the ribs, chest and back to vastly reduce the risk of injuries in a crash
  • Designed using lightweight materials to keep weight as low as possible allowing longer periods of wearing without discomfort
  • Soft touch impact absorbing inner padding dissipates energy to minimise injuries while feeling comfortable to wear
  • Carbon fibre thermoset rib protector outer shell provides superior puncture resistance and is flexible enough to allow for unrestricted movements
  • Ergonomic profile offers a close and comfortable fit with minimal pressure points for reduced fatigue in the torso
  • Unique speed lace closure system makes it quick and easy to put on and adjust to the perfect size
  • Adjustable elasticated shoulder straps allow optimum positioning of the protector without restricting movement or breathing 
  • Designed for minimal distance between the back and kart seat so as not to alter seat sizing or driver position in the kart


XXS/XS - 30-35" (75.5-89cm) Chest / 152-170cm Height
S/M - 33-40" (83.5-100cm) Chest / 170-188cm Height
L/XL - 38-44" (95.5-111cm) Chest / 170-188cm Height