DMS Three Stage Battery Charger

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The Varley Racing battery charger range has been developed alongside the Varley Red Top range of batteries, in order to maximise their performance and lifespan. The 8 amp 3 stage charger can recharge a Varley Red Top 15 from 0 to 95 percent in less than 2 hours! This allows quick charging between sessions/races so you can always go out with a fresh battery. It works through 3 main stages: The Constant Current Stage returns the bulk of the power to the battery with a high current charge. The Constant Voltage Stage allows each of the battery's cells to balance out by gradually reducing the current. The final Trickle Charge Stage supplies a small maintenance current which can be left attached indefinitely without risk of damage. It also features a rugged aluminium case with a 3 colour LED status indicator.